Increase your student motivation and results;
Save time.

Choose interactive labs best suited for your students or create your own and help your students in real-time. Nowledgeable is your all in one software for labs and assesments.

Nowledgeable is used in the following institutions:

Interactive labs with automatic assessment for sciences

"Tell me I'll forget. Teach me, I remember. Involve me and I learn"

Save time

Thanks to our large bank of ready-to-use exercises while maintaining your educational freedom

Increase student engagement

Thanks to automatic assessment and live feedback

Enhance interactions between students

Thanks to a collaborative platform and the possibility of peer correction

Real-time tracking

of your class and student progress to immediately identify struggling students

Follow student progresses in real time
and immediatly identify students needing help


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Frequently asked questions

"As a teacher, if I create an exercise, is it mine?

If you create an exercise it is yours. You can publish to let other teachers use it if you want but it is not mandatory

"Can I modify official exercises provided by Nowledgeable?"

This functionality is currently beind developped but is now unavailable

In our institution, we currently use Moodle. Why use Nowledgeable?

Moodle provides limited customization for online quizzes and does not support code compilators, automatic exercice feedback and student-student interactions.
Compared to Moodle, Nowledgeable also provides a content bank of ready-to-use exercises.
The Nowledgeable Team is currently developping a Moodle plugin that would allow for a seemless integration of Nowledgeable's services and processes to Moodle's core.