Interactive courses and exercises for sciences

Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I will learn.

Interactive content increasing student engagement
and making him to interpret its answers

We learn more by practicing.
And even more with quick feedbacks.
Nowledgeable let you give exercises to your students with automatic correction.
The student can immediatly identify his mistakes and can progress faster.



Deepen your knowledge and increase your results with interactive content



Increase motivation of your students and their results. Identify their weaknesses and concepts needing additional insights. Have more time to help you student foster



Become a leading teaching institution with innovation teaching methods and materials

Nowledgeable provides interactive exercises for science, coding and AI (Machine learning)

The following languages and frameworks are supported :

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"Nowledgeable let me gain time thanks to its ready to use exercise bank.
It is also really easy to follow student progresses in real time
and help the ones facing troubles.
Karim Kouki, Data-engineer and teacher
"Nowledgeable is perfect for teaching programming and machine learning.
You can follow student progresses and give individual assistance to students
when necessary. It is a very useful tool, including for remote teaching."
Benjamin Donnot, PhD, Datascientist at RTE, Teacher in AI Master AI of Paris-Saclay

Frequently asked questions

As a teacher, if I create an exercise, is it mine ?

If you create an exercise it is yours. You can publish to let other teachers use it if you want but it is not mandatory

Can I modify official exercises provided by nowledgeable ?

Not currently

We have moodle, why nowledgeable ?

Moodle do not provide self corrected exercises and student-student interactions.
Besides nowledgeble provides a full bank of ready-o-use exercises.
Nowledgeable is developping a Moodle plugin for seemless integration


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