Nowledgeable allows a teacher to give activities to their students or pupils. These activities are grouped into classes. Each class has its own students and it is the teacher who invites them.

This documentation explains how

  • Create a class and invite students
  • Add activities to a class
  • Track student progress
  • Giving feedback to a student
  • Creating your own content

If necessary, you can click on 'help', then 'support' to report a bug or ask for help

Add an activity to a class

A class can have one or more activities. An activity contains one or more contents (video, exercices, etc.)

Each activity can be configured (start date, end date, etc.)

You can add either a blank activity or a pre-made activity. For that:

  1. Go to the class where you need to add the activity
  2. Click on new activity
  3. Choose either an empty activity or an activity in the list

The following video show you how

How to give an activity to my students?

  • Create a course
  • Invite students to join your group with the invitation link
  • Create an empty activity or from a template
  • Start activity